Spring Testing Systems

Spring Testing Systems

ASECSOLUTIONS has developed Spring Testing Machines for Industrial applications. This is designed for evaluation of the springs. The system consists of a loading frame to load the component. Load on the spring when it is being loaded is sensed by a precision load cell and the deflection is measured by displacement sensor. There is a wide range Instrumentation for evaluation of the springs using the load and deflection starting from simple read out of the parameters to PC based Data Acquisition Systems.


Provision to read Load and Displacement values.

Provision to operate in manual / automatic mode.

Provision to test different types of springs in the same set up.

Provision to segregate the springs to pass and fail by segregation band.

Provision to test springs up to 1000 kg load.

Provision to test springs up to 900 mm deflection.


Two Wheeler Shock Absorber, Springs used for various components of Automobiles, Springs used for in Industrial & Consumer Electronics etc.,