About us

ASECSOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. was started in Bangalore by three entrepreneurs who have more than a decade experience in the field of Electronic Instrumentation and Controls.

The Products offered by ASECSOLUTIONS are being used by both Industries and Technical Institutions. Industrial segment includes the automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food & Package Industries and Defence establishments. Technical Institutions segment include Engineering Colleges and Universities.

Over the years ASECSOLUTIONS has gained the reputation as an organization which provides accurate and reliable solutions for specific Industrial needs.

ASECSOLUTIONS provides transducers and Instrumentation for the Measurement of Physical parameters like Load, Pressure, Vacuum , Torque, Displacement etc. Wide range of Instrumentation includes Signal Conditioners , Digital Indicators , Controllers and Data Acquisition Systems.

ASECSOLUTIONS manufacture state-of-the-art low cost Electronic Leak and Flow Testers and provides consultancy on modern test methodologies and time reduction for all leak testing applications.

ASECSOLUTIONS is the authorized representative for M/s Lorenz-Messtechnik – Germay, leader in the field of Force & Torque Measurements. These products are known world wide for accuracy, reliability and performance. The products are supplied to major automobile manufacturers like Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Benz etc., and automobile component manufactures like GKN, Bosch, ZF group etc., for force & Torque Measurement.