Custom Built Machines

Custom Built Machines

ASECSOLUTIONS has developed Number of special purpose machines. The special purpose machines are developed for Leak testing and Load testing.

These are developed to test leakages in the components. These work with Electronic Leak Testers to facilitate Leak testing of the component. They are designed and built as per the specifications of the requirement. They are designed and manufactured as per customer requirement.

The Machine built will be manual or semi / fully automatic. In manual fixture the clamping of the component and sealing of ports is done manually. In semi / fully automatic machine clamping and sealing is done by the cylinders.

The Machine consists of working table to place the component. Cylinders are used to clamp the component. The Ports of the component are also sealed by means of cylinders. Proper sealing elements are chosen to ensure leak proof sealing. Stamping or punching can be provided for the pass components.

The working of the machines will be pneumatic or hydraulic depending on the test pressure requirement of the component. Leak Testing Machines are built for reliability and good performance.